About TEDXJamal

TEDxJamal is an independently organized licensed TED event, happening at Jamal, Kathmandu on 26th December 2020. The theme for this session of TEDxJamal is Explore and Extract. Here in TED we believe, life is all about exploration. In almost every passing moment of life we are, in essence, wide-eyed curious explorers. You, for instance, are exploring TEDxJamal right now. But the catch is, only few of us are able to extract something from our daily explorations. Let’s talk about Sir Issac Newton. Of course people had explored or experienced the gravity prior to Newton, but is was him who seek to extract. If it was not him, one of the most important scientific discoveries would’ve never been surfaced. Humans have made virtually every idea and even fantasy come into reality through exploration and extraction….


Mr. Dan Wright

Corporate Trainer

Mrs. Shristi Singh Shrestha

Environmental Activist

Mr. Ram Laxman Rimal

Nepalese Innovators

Ms. Priyanka Karki


Dr. Sushil Kandel


Pawan Golyan


Glimpses FROM
our Past TEDx Event!

TEDxYouth@Gyaneshwor was our previous year's TEDx event which successfully took place on May 17th, 2019 at Russian Center of Science and Culture with 8 powerful speakers and enthusiastic youth personalities as guests and audiences.

The photos of the event are now available on flickr.com.

Our Team

The organizers of this event are all young college students under the guidance of multidisciplinary advisers on board.

Nilima shrestha

Licensee/ Lead Organizer

pawan kumar bam

Co-Organizer/ Curator

Bikalpa Dhungana

Associate Curator

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